Facebook has become an essential tool in terms of marketing, targeting and analysis tools are a real gold mine for your business!


Using this strategy gives you a head start on your competitors ...

Ninja marketing is a set of techniques and strategies currently used by professionals that we unravel for you during an online consultancy session.

• Are you launching your business online ?

• Are you wondering how your project can take off ?

• You have ideas but you don’t know where to start ?



We are giving you the key to start your project in a simple way and then we will decide together how to devise tools which will lead to the success of your project.


You only need to give us your email address for us to contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss your project free of charge.  It does not commit you to anything.

Our professional advice will allow you to use the right tools  to develop your project and to target your audience. We also can customise your project with powerful tools, giving you a tremendous advantage over your competitors.


Most agencies lead you to costly solutions and  lock you into the relationship through their subscription, forcing you to rely on them.

Many clients complain they have to spend a great amount of money in this agencies without return on investment and have to repeatedly go over budget to improve their website.

  • Meeting on Skype to talk about your project
  • Tips to reach your audience
  • Tips to make your business profitable
  • Useful links to get started


Give your name and email address and we will contact you and give you a first consultancy without having to commit to anything.




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Gaël, the founder of Ninja Marketing is an expert in visual communication. He has expanded his business by launching few online businesses on his own. As an entrepeneur with a unique experience, he has realised he likes launching businesses, leading them to success through efficient strategies. He has then built a dynamic team in Philippines where he lives now.


Always looking for the latest marketing strategies, he is constantly training and updating his skills  with the best professionals in the field and has essentially specialised in social medias such as Facebook. This innovating and emerging platform in marketing is improving unceasingly et can provide you with many tools to reach your target audience.


The high versatility of Gaël’s team will allow to support your project from the early stages of choosing the brand up to the choice of the most adequate strategies for your business.


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